Honda when purchasing a new Fit provides you with a number of options to customize your Honda Fit. What you plan to do with your Fit may influence what type of accessory you purchase. Below you will find a listing of Honda Fit accessories available upon purchasing the 2007 Honda Fit. Just remember, with these accessories you are paying the premium dealer prices and their may well be an afermarket solution for performance or appearance that will work better.

Honda Fit Factory Accessories

Note: these accessories were available in 2007, and availability may vary. Also, many of the performance style packages are available for the Manual Transmission only. Please consult with your local dealer to check if the products will fit, are available and what the current pricing is.

The Car Buff (Manual):

  • 16" Alloy Wheels
  • Sport Front Grille
  • Sport Muffler
  • Shift Knob (MT)
  • Interior Front Meter Trim Kit (silver)
  • Interior Door Panel Trim Kit (silver)

The Sleek and Stylish (Manual) - Available in Red, Blue & Silver

  • Shift Knob (MT)
  • Interior Front Meter Trim Kit
  • Interior Door Panel Trim Kit
  • Steering Wheel Cover

The Head Turner

  • Rear Tailgate Spoiler
  • Sport Front Grille
  • Chrome Exhaust Finisher

The Protector Package.

  • All Weather Floor Mats
  • Cargo Tray
  • Rear Splash Guards

Honda I-Linc Base

  • Play Music from your iPod from your Audio System
  • Use vehicle controls to play the music
  • Charges your iPod while in use
  • Honda i-Linc Attachment is required

Interior Door Panel Trim Kit

  • Available in Blue, Red, Silver

Interior Illumination

  • Available in Red, Yellow and Orange

Shift Knob (Manual)

Steering Wheel Cover

  • Available in Blue / Black, Red / Black, Silver / Black

16" Alloy Wheels.

Fog Lights.

Rear Tailgate Spoiler

Sport Front Grille

Sport Muffler

Chrome Exhaust Finisher.

Touch-Up Paint / Touch-Up Paint Pens

Good luck with getting the right Factory Accessories for your Honda Fit!

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