What does an intake do? It allows your engine to breathe. In stock form manufacturers set the car up to run optimally for fuel consumption and to meet manufacturer guidelines. All cars can add power simply by putting in an aftermarket Intake.

An intake allows more air to be fed into the engine, allowing it to produce more power.

Intake Choices?

Which ever way you go with an intake, you have two main choices: Short Ram Intake or Cold Air Intake. The Short Ram Intake provides more power in the higher RPM range, and the Cold Air Intake gives a better bump of power in the midrange.

Cold Air Intake Choices:

Fujita Cold Air Intake

AEM Cold Air Intake

AEM V2 Cold Air Intake

Short Ram Intake Choices:

AEM Short Ram Intake

H-Fit Air Intake

HKS Super Mega Flow Reloaded Intake

Choose the right Intake that will make the power where you want it, and with the other power adders you have on your car!

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