Honda Fit Accessories

The Honda Fit is a five-door subcompact hatchback car that was first introduced in 2001 overseas. It features a unibody construction and front-engine, front-wheel drive layout. The car is built with a unibody construction and its suspension consists of MacPherson struts in the front and a torsion beam in the rear. The popularity of the fit is being known for its great fuel economy, nimble handling and quirky design. Also, storage as its versatile interior features a “Magic Seat” that can be configured in multiple ways to accommodate loads of cargo or passengers citing the “will it fit?” question.

Excitement abuzz as the Fit was unleashed, and the Tuner aftermarket set to make the best Fit Accessory. From performance to visual, the Honda Fit has it all. It’s twin in the JDM world, the Honda Jazz helps many tuners have aftermarket parts to accessorize their Fit to their liking. Keep tuned here to find all new products for the Fit, so you can make your ride a Custom Fit. Let’s go into more details about the fit.


The Honda Fit released to North America as the 2007-2008 Honda Fit as the 1st Gen (also known as the GD3). There were two more versions of the fit sold in North America. 2009-2013 (2014 in Canada) was the GE8 Fit, and then the 2015-2020 was the GK5 Fit. Each page linked has more detailed info of how it looks, options, and aftermarket accessories for each specific model. The Fit does continue to live on overseas, so many wonder why did Honda get rid of the Fit in North America? The answer really lies in sales, profit margins, and size as many North American’s prefer larger vehicles, which explains the greater sales of the Honda Fit’s Big Brother – The Honda HR-V.

Which generation Honda Fit is best?

In terms of ratings, and lowest complaints the second generation takes the lead here, followed by the GD Fit being recognized as a low amount of complaints. The problem with the GK5 is the injectors clogging issue, and a new factory caused some of the complaints to increase. Overall the GK5 and all generation fits are still very reliable cars and many on the forums have shown they can get to over 200,000 miles easily (a bunch even getting to 400-500K miles).

Are Honda Fit and Honda Jazz the same?

The Honda Fit is available in North America, and the Honda Jazz is the version available everywhere else. The base car body for the Fit and Jazz are the same. The differences depend on the generation of fit, but for the most part USDM versions have longer front and rear bumpers due to crash standards in North America, and in the JDM versions they have a shorter look which many prefer (but is not an easy switch of bumpers as putting a JDM bumper on a USDM fit requires modifying the crash support beams on the car to fit ie. removing parts of it). The Jazz also comes with 1.3L i-Vtec engines overseas compared to all fits in the USDM market get 1.5L engines (sohc/dohc depending on the year). The real reason from my research was they wanted to launch with Fit everywhere, but the name sounded to similar to “Fitta” which in Swedish language was a more vulgar term, so they opted out.


Fit’s are very popular in their niche of owners for its wide range of aftermarket accessories that can help you customize your car to match your personal style and needs. So many different types of aftermarket accessories exist for Honda Fits, such as performance parts, body kits, interior accessories, and more. A lot of praise goes for its stock suspension handling, although to some a bit stiff, it has a great tight turning radius and does very well in the twisties as a stock car. Whether you are looking to improve the performance of your car or just want to make it look more stylish, there is an aftermarket accessory for you.

Can you modify a Honda Fit?

You can absolutely modify a Honda fit, and there’s a whole dedicated forum named FitFreaks (link on the side) with a wealth of knowledge on people modifying their own fits. Also, the popular Facebook Group TrueFitCrew has a wealth of knowledge. You can go for performance and appearance modifications, or a combination of both. For those going for performance may wonder are Honda fits fast? On the straight line or drag race, the Fit’s from the factory isn’t a speedy car, but it excels in the corners as it has superior handling from the factory. Lot of cars can be surprised how it can keep up in the twisties.

Where to begin customizing?

You can either start by changing the Fit’s appearance or give the engine a nice throaty aftermarket performance exhaust and intake. Here is what you should look into:

The Vortex Blue Pearl (the color) along with Taffetta White (the Type R vibe) are two of my favorite colors on a fit from all generations. Think of a nice set of black rims, with polished deep lip. With just a drop you would have a very noticeable fit that turns heads. Everyones tastes are different, so pick the color right for your honda.

Good luck with making your Custom Fit!
HPS Performance Blue Shortram Air Intake (09-13)
HKS Hi Power Axleback Exhaust for HONDA Fit
Honda Fit Eibach Pro Kit Lowering Springs
JDM Red-H Rear Emblem For Honda FIT
JDM OEM Style Fog Lights - 06-07 Honda Fit